DAO governed protocols for collaborative evaluation of ICOs/TGEs.

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Fraudulent ICO's and empty promises.

Navigating the ICO landscape is increasingly becoming harder!

In 2017 the crypto-world saw, that doing an ICO had become increasingly popular as a funding method for start-up's worldwide. Unfortunately, up to now, ICO's are not always up to standard and sometimes even straight forward fraud. Governments scream for regulations, and investors need better tools to find safe token-investments. ICO-Rating platforms seem to be a solution, but crypto-investors ask themselves: Is trusting a single centralized rater the solution? These could be biased, bought or incorrect. On the other hand crowd-rating produces too much noise to get good signals.

The solution is


BlockRate believes an unbiased platform has to start with the proper ownership. As long as a single entity owns the rater the rating is not trustless. That's why BlockRate is a platform that will entirely be owned and governed by the community of token-holders. The core of the platform is a DAO with a voting-based democracy system in which all token holders together decide how the platform develops. On top of that sits the rating platform. Ratings will be done by any individuals of the token-holder community, but to filter out the noise every user has her/his own filter settings, so that she/he only get the signals she/he really values. This allows any investor to search for her/his individual signals within upcoming ICO's.

The ideal tool to find ICO investments that are not fraud.

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